USPS Renames Mystery Shopper Program

As the Postal Service embarks on the new fiscal year, USPS has decided to refocus its Mystery Shopper program to improve desired employee behavior and influence customer loyalty and brand recognition.

“To better align with the program’s objectives and feedback from the field, the Mystery Shopper Program will become the Retail Customer Experience”, said Dean Granholm, vice president, Delivery and Post Office Operations.

One of the objectives of the program is to provide real-time data that lets the Postal Service evaluate its performance from the customer’s point of view. USPS also uses the feedback to provide recommendations for improvement in the program categories.

The Postal Service uses the program as a diagnostic tool to correct conditions that can stand in the way of customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The Retail Customer Experience program will give the Postal Service an objective view of interactions with customers.

The name change is a result of feedback received from area and district Customer Relations managers.

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3 thoughts on “USPS Renames Mystery Shopper Program

  1. This is one of the prime reasons the USPS is going broke. Just how much benefit come this “0”. With the Postal Service “crying we’re out of money”, “we’re out of money” crap like this is the reason no matter how any breaks the Congress gives the post office they will always have some VP discovering new ways to waste it.

  2. This program is a huge waste of money and should be scrapped. The Postal Service has never identified one single fact as to any improvement of service since its inception. It probably has 39 Vice Presidents running it at $150,000 each.

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