Postal Workers to Receive Pay Increase November 21, 2009

APWU-represented employees will receive a 1.2 percent increase in annual salaries effective Nov. 21, based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006. In accordance with the APWU National Constitution and Bylaws, the raise will result in an automatic dues increase. Locals and state organizations that wish to absorb the dues increase must notify the union’s Per Capita Department. The raise will be reflected in paychecks issued Dec. 11.

Here are the pay raise percentages for all postal workers:

APWU: 1.2%
NALC: 1.9%

14 thoughts on “Postal Workers to Receive Pay Increase November 21, 2009

  1. The pay raise will be on your grade and pay at the time of the 2006 contract. That is before the upgrade, and before a lot of you bid to higher level positions

  2. Riffed One,
    Asking anyone to stop crying and start working is never going to work. Most of the folks who NEED that advice are too stuck inside their own heads or hash pipes to listen, and those who are actually paying attention are probably doing their best anyway.
    If the majority of the people who need prodding worked in the private sector, they’d have been unemployed or in jail a long time ago.
    If they knew how lucky they truly were, even on the really bad days, maybe they’d straighten up.
    I doubt it, but hey, it could happen.

  3. Hmmm, “based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006?” Does that mean the measly 1.2% will not be based on our current wages?

  4. When does the Tea Party start… Enough is enough… Oh BTW your union dues just went up $ 7 a pay period….

  5. BTW (By-the-way), what are you going to do with your 1.2% pay increase when it’s absorbed by the increase in inflation along with the increase in your union dues?

  6. Hey Riffed One, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Your comments started out good but in the end you became one of the complainers; just like your accusations of your fellow employees. As for Obama, I’m sick and tired of listening to people like you say, he inheritted this problem. Can you please tell me anything he has done? ANYTHING? Wait till your taxed out your backside to the grave at which point you may say “How did this happen? Wake up. The reason why people so upset is because they don’t like the direction this country is headed in. Go back to your American history books and read up on the Constitution and freedom and liberty and then you will understand that what’s happening to this country has trickled into the workplace. Wise up.

  7. You know I have been reading Postal Reporter for a little while and what strikes me the most is all the crying, blaming and name calling and cursing in some of your responses.
    A lot of you are craft and trust me readers this is the same tone that these employees use on the workroom floor while they talk about how management treats them. Long breaks, ramped calling in especially around holidays even thou it is a joint agreement with labor and management that seniority is what determines off days, vacations and holiday schedules. I have been in the postal service about 26 years and most of it in craft. I keep my sick leave incase I really need it instead of begging for other peoples annual leave when I really get sick. And in these trying times and in a time when we all know that the postal service is losing large volumes of mail and it isn’t all because of miss management, it is just a sign of the times. If someone told me a few years ago that I would hardly use my home phone or that I would not see many pay phones anymore I would not have believe them. I don’t mean to get down on you guys too much but you see it is easy to complain. I have always said this even when I was in craft that if you don’t like this place and you are not happy, why do you stay? There are no bars on the doors and if you could do better you would. There are issues that need to be address but some of you need to give it a rest or seek employment elsewhere. Life at the P.O. is not as bad as you would like all the readers to believe and trust me, there are unemployed people out there that story would leave some people wondering what a person with a job and benefits is complaining about. Hey instead of blaming your job for all the woes of mature adults, take the lead and tell that person next to you to step up. We are all adults, aren’t we? I am not a writer so excuse me for any grammar or spelling, I have read your letters and now I have something to say. PS, stop blaming Obama for everything. If I recall correctly he inherited this problem and it is a disgrace and a sign of the times when in congress you call the president a liar and are that disrespectful, and I don’t excuse Mr. West for his sorry and immature and very disrespectful way he acted at the awards. He would be the first one calling for equality if the shoe was on the other foot.

  8. Of course the union will get there cut but not from me all it took was one stupid union steward to call the members assholes in local 301 in Ma to get me out fuck them they dont deserve any of my money

  9. Yeah it could happen, but where you when the Bushwacker’s spending machine was going on, and really it still is, these are his wars we are fighting.

    We just have to hope for the best.

  10. Thank You. Thank You very much! (As the King used to say) I was nearly worried to death how I was going to off-set the estimated 30% inflation from Yomama obama’s money printing machine. Hey, maybe we should check with the Facist “PAY CZAR” to make sure it isn’t too much? And, we’ll have to check with the GREEN CZAR, the CAR CZAR, the IMMIGRATION CZAR, the MUSLUM CZAR, the ISLAMIC CZAR, the POT CZAR,the GOVERNMENT_MEDIA CZAR, the FOSSIL FUEL CZAR, The COAL CZAR, the ENVIRONMENTAL CZAR, the “WE’LL TELL YOU WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, SO DON”T ASK CZAR, the “WE DON”T CARE IF THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DON”T AGREE WITH OUR PLAN CZAR, the EAT SHIT & DIE CZAR and the ELIMINATION OF PRESIDENTIAL TERM LIMITS CZAR so that Barry & the girls can be around until he is ready to hand off the country to Abdul Portda Unrill Chavez.

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