MSPB: USPS Zero Tolerance Policy Violation Is Not Automatic Grounds For Removal

A Postal Employee appealed USPS’ decision to remove him based on a charge of Improper Conduct/Violation of Zero Tolerance Policy after the employee engaged in a physical altercation with a co-worker. The MSPB sustained the removal, but the Federal Circuit Court reversed the penalty determination and remanded the case. The MSPB found that a 30-day suspension was the maximum reasonable penalty, and therefore, ordered USPS to cancel the removal. Cunningham v. U.S. Postal Service. PR note: Now this does not mean employees can hit their co-workers without fear of getting fired. It only points out  getting fired for violating the zero tolerance policy should not be a blanket policy.

MSPB in explaining its decision wrote:

When an agency imposes removal under a zero tolerance policy without giving bona fide consideration to the appropriate Douglas factors, its penalty determination is not entitled to deference. In such a case, the Board will independently weigh the relevant Douglas factors to evaluate the reasonableness of the penalty.

Here, the administrative judge found that the deciding official imposed the penalty of removal because he believed that the agency’s zero tolerance policy requires removal for a sustained charge of violence in the workplace.

The court found that “the [administrative judge]’s determination must stand.” Therefore, we must independently weigh the relevant Douglas factors to evaluate the reasonableness of the penalty.

When the Board sustains all of the agency’s charges, but finds the agency penalty too severe, the Board may only mitigate the penalty to the maximum reasonable penalty. Here, the appellant has at least ten years of satisfactory service and the agency did not cite any prior disciplinary record in its notice of proposed removal or removal decision notice. Further, the court found that the physical altercation resulted in no serious injury, no weapons were used, and there was “an element of provocation.” As the administrative judge found, the appellant had the opportunity to avoid the altercation by going back into the building and informing the Postal police following Mr. Allmond’s initial push. Therefore, in accordance with the court’s instruction that the administrative judge’s credibility determinations must stand, we find that a thirty-day suspension is the maximum reasonable penalty.

Cunningham vs. U.S. Postal Service

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3 thoughts on “MSPB: USPS Zero Tolerance Policy Violation Is Not Automatic Grounds For Removal

  1. Talk about inconsistancies…. one mh here at the DNDC gets into an altercation with another, spits on him and shoves him into an APC; gets put out at the end of the tour but is brought back given a last chance agreement while another mh has a heated verbal argument and is escorted out and is currently awaiting a step 3 decision in order to return. Supervisor Moore has constant issues involving mh and is merely moved from one section to another one. A day in the life of a Postal employee. Shame shame!

  2. This whole issue has become a mess because of inconsistent enforcement and application. I was pushed into a post con by an aggressive co-worker i got hit off the clock, and sent home the other party stayed and did 2 hours ot! The only change now is both parties go out.The aformentioned situation is not unusual there is no standard for how this situation is handled! In most cases at least here in Boston if you are assaulted or threatened and you report it to your boss you get told that both parties must by hit off the clock and suspended! The bullying and threatening behavior still
    goes on usually enforced by thugs who the supervisor takes care of with long breaks,and liberal ot. It is only when the victim reacts to fend off the assault that zero tolerance is enforced and the victim is suspended!

  3. The Postal Holocaust continues. What about all those that were kicked off and placed under Economic Opprssion and tortured. What about their children. The system was corrupted and the proof is in US Supreme Court case 99-565 &b supplement

    CooN by YA(YHVH)
    Allen Carlton
    National Whistleblower

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