USPS Issues Management Order For Additional Cleaning In Postal Facilities During Flu Season

The Postal Service issued the attached MMO, MMO-109-09, titled “Influenza Cleaning Contingency” for facilities to impose ADDITIONAL cleaning methods to reduce the spread of infection during the current 2009 to 2010 Influenza (Flu) season which includes H1N1 influenza. The contingency reflects the latest guidance issued from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The additional cleaning methods are not intended to decrease the cleaning frequencies currently used in your facility (the current cleaning frequency for your facility can be found in the current authorized and approved custodial staffing package).
The additional cleaning requirements must be performed until the flu season (Fall of 2009 to April 2010) has ended, unless otherwise notified
There is much that is still unknown on how the H1N1 influenza pandemic will develop. At this point the CDC does not expect the H1N1 ‘s severity to increase this flu season and therefore the cleaning tasks and infection control strategies contained in this MMO should suffice. However, this can change. Should CDC’s guidance change, additional information will be issued.

Gary Kloepfer
Assistant Director
Maintenance Division
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

9 thoughts on “USPS Issues Management Order For Additional Cleaning In Postal Facilities During Flu Season

  1. The facility I work in is filthy. The custodians are always doing other tasks, like delivering express mail or some type of mechanical work. The dust balls in some of the corners must be at least 2 years old. Dead bugs laying on the floors etc. Air duct returns have layers of dust, yet management doesn’t enforce safety or cleanliness. Time to contract out the custodial work for a cleaner work environment.

  2. Our PO is filthy now and has been for years. Our custodian takes out the trash but doesnt have a clue how to clean anything…

  3. the supervisor where I work doesn’t allow us time to wash our hands. not even after using the restroom.she watches us constantly.

  4. haven’t seen any soap in the dispensers for over 5 years.These new money saving dispensers are empty 5 minutes after being filled.How about leaving some large plastic soep containers in the rest rooms.

  5. Absolutely nothing is mentioned about cleaning the machines we use daily to sort the mail. The DBCS and AFSM 100 require a rotation that exposes all employees to surfaces touched by others.

  6. That would be good. I am a Memphis, TN postal worker. I have the swine flu(4days). I am so sick. We need extra cleaning in the plants for dust, germs,etc. Thank you!

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