USPS May Excess Over 300 Postal Clerks From San Francisco Performance Cluster

USPS letter to APWU:

This is to advise you of the intent of the San Francisco Performance Cluster to utilize the provisions of Article 12.5.C.5 to involuntarily reassign 150 full-time level 6 clerks from the craft and/or installation at the San Francisco bid cluster based on the AMC/ISC realignment.

The impacted clerks will be notified of their involuntary reassignments by separate letter. Although the final placement date would normally be no earlier than March 5, 2010, it may be necessary to begin the placement process much earlier due to the on-going decline in work load and the current financials of the Postal Service. It may also be’ necessary to utilize the provisions of Article 7.2.B of the National Agreement to detail some or all of the impacted clerks during the notice period in order to provide them with a work opportunity.

By copy of this notice, the Pacific Area will withhold up to 150 full-time residual vacancies in the clerk, carrier, mail handler and custodial crafts in offices and plants within 200 miles of the San Francisco bid cluster for placement of the impacted clerks.

Attached you will find a copy of the Automated Impact Statement and the relevant operational data supporting the need to excess along with a seniority list identifying the impacted clerks. This impact is in addition to the impact from the tour realignment and manual decentralization and the impact. There are 136 full-time clerks who are still pending involuntary reassignment based on these earlier impacts. It is also separate and distinct from the TAlP and work load reductions for which an additional 58 clerks have been identified as being impacted.

e. Provide Narrative Explaining need for Excessing
The PTR’s work a set schedule of limited hours. Most are working the mimum guarantee of 4 hours per week. There is a separate impact package to support excessing up to 19 PTR’s from the installation.

e. Provide Narrative Explaining need for Excessing
The AMC/ISC realignment and the transfer of the military workload to the LA ISC for processing has resulted in a need to excess 150 full-time clerks from the craft and/or installation.

3 thoughts on “USPS May Excess Over 300 Postal Clerks From San Francisco Performance Cluster

  1. If the rest of the USPS is managed like SFNDC, then it should all be closed down, sold off. We have Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe. The USPS has Miss Management. Corrupt, inept, non-caring. Take the easy way, every time, all the time. The team upstairs, the union, 5398’s, all completely useless. I have worked for USPS for over sixteen years, and I have never felt so, absolutely, completely, like a piece of shit. New price hikes to raise 2.3b a year? Good luck with that. USPS will blow a billion of that restructuring again.

  2. That seems to be the primary problem when it comes to making sense out of all these most recent moves; language. Since this hasn’t happened on this large of a scale the P.O. has identifieds moves by terms that are incorrect. This causes the process to take longer than needed which in turn costs one wy or another. I am at the Det. NDC and lewt me tell you that we just went through an 18 month realignment that was not necessary. Nothing was supposed to be done until each former BMC was identified as Tier 1,2,or 3 NDC’s. As usual the P.O. made an a choice to react too fast and reached a point of no return. Shame, shame. The result is having to pay out of schedule awards. Now our Plant Manager has opended her mouth one to many times and she is no longer with us which was long over due. Anyone from Denver or the GWY can both agree that the trail of EEOs and Conduct cases against her should have bounced her out a long time ago. Anyway, I think things would actually go alot smoother if the P.O. really meant what they claim when they say they want the input of the Unions. Enough said. Good luck to everyone fighting the good fight; we certainly have our hands full.

  3. Your story is not quite accurate. Even though you are reading a story about the AMC/ISC moves, you are confusing the moves with the excessing. We will be moving employees from the AMC to SF P&DC and moving employees from ISC to AMC, but these are not excessing moves. These moves are all within the same bid cluster. Clerks and Mailhandlers can bid between these three facilities at will and are not “excessed” when moved between the three plants. When the District “excesses” employees, this is to either other crafts or to other facilities outside of the three mentioned.

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