NAPS: RIF Avoided – All Impacted EAS Postal Employees To Be Placed In Positions

The NAPS resident officers met on Friday, August 28, 2009 with Douglas A. Tulino, USPS Vice President, Labor Relations at 11:00 a.m. to discuss the final day of the restructuring prior to the implementation of the RIF on the remaining impacted EAS employees.

Due to the diligence of the members of the NAPS executive board, who worked closely with local Areas and Districts and the cooperation of USPS headquarters, we are able to announce today that remaining impacted employees are expected to be placed in positions thereby avoiding a RIF.

We will continue to monitor the remaining impacted EAS employees to ensure that they have been placed. If any member is aware of a situation where an EAS employee remains unplaced, please have that individual contact their respective NAPS area vice president.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of our NAPS officers in the field for their efforts in working through this restructuring so that we have the conclusion that we achieved today. We will continue to work with the Postal Service to resolve remaining issues that have been caused by the restructuring.

source: National Association Of Postal Supervisors

11 thoughts on “NAPS: RIF Avoided – All Impacted EAS Postal Employees To Be Placed In Positions

  1. I see alot of waste in Management but just as in the craft positions there are a few who actually earn their salary. It can be tough answering to upper management that doesn’t have a clue about mail processing or delivery and only sees statistics. Here is a statistic for ya….mail volume down 13.7 % overall this year…so far.
    It is tough trying to get work accomplished because upset craft members choose to take AL or SL at the last moment and you scramble to cover their routes.
    Hours spent dealing with administrative paper work and Union request.
    It is what we are there for but in areas that are understaffed there are a few of us that actually work for a living.
    Do I have some idle time ? of course. Everybody, and I do mean everbody that works for the Postal Service gets more than their fair share of breaks and time to socialize.
    I see workers all the time at our facility standing at their workstations texting for long periods of time and occassionally they might throw a piece of mail of sweep a bin.
    Mailhandlers that can’t be found after 5 AM but show up at 7:00 or 7:30 to clock out. I see or don’t see some managers that take extended lunch breaks or abuse personel time.
    Seems like none of us can get it right. No one holds Supervisors accountable, Supervisors can’t hold workers accountable and those that try either come off as a-holes or get overwhelmed with Union paperwork.
    We are in a death spiral…I hate it because like many of you I have a family as well and think that the PO has great pay and benefits compared to other jobs (what few that are left ) in this train wreck of an economy.
    I hope nothing but the best for each of us.
    It is time to start taking out the trash in both management and craft.

  2. i’m with you 1pissedcarrier….this person buck wheat sounds like a real jack ass….typical management asshole….clueless as to how to run ANYTHING properly…kissed ass or had family in a high position to get his cush job. it never ceases to amaze me how morons in management think they own the post office when in fact they are an employee of the postal service just like all the rest of us craft employees. typical bottom feeder

  3. Poops…..maybe you should quit and go work for the city, they could always use another ass clown like you.

  4. AdHoc…

    You will be squirming next and for some time. Its already started where I am…you will all turn on each other like rats. Ahhhh…and I will just sit back and enjoy.

  5. I kinda liked the managment eating their own was sort of entertaining to see them squirm for a while to bad it may be over.

  6. Carlos…you’re a moron. No positions were created. These jobs have been vacant. What should happen is a RIF for the craft. Lay em off.

    Hey Carloina cutie….sorry for your “pain”. Its kind of like when I get a craft employee transfer or excessed into the carrier craft… want to talk about no clue and frustration that lasts for years.

    Waa Waa…..

  7. Eliminate all 204b’s. Why such a high number of supervisors, when elevated craft members do all the supervisory work?

  8. I remember the reorganization of 1983. My office received a “dislocated” PM and supervisor. The PM knew a little bit about running a small office; however, the supervisor had been an administrative assistant in DC-she didn’t have a clue of how to supervise clerk and/or carriers. We endured 6 years of hell from her stupidity before she left. Have no fear; the management at USPS look after their own. The craft employees will have to suffer because their new superiors will look after themselves only.

  9. You just dont get it,do you? You wont be happy until you TOTALLY destroy the POSTAL SERVICE.By keeping these employees and CREATING positions for them to avoid a RIF is absurd.This is not the reason the service is in the position today,BUT,it certainly isnt helping matters. RIF them,save some money, but that would only make sense,sothat wont happen. You dont have a problem forcing craft employees out,why not EAS positions.Again,common sense is unheard of in the USPS. Start listening to craft employees,you might learn something.Please respond if you have a viable explanation for keeping these people on board.

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