Letter Carriers Union Mourns Kennedy Death

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Letter Carriers union today mourned the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-MA, who had championed many causes critical to letter carriers and all working men and women throughout his career.

The 300,000 members of our union, and indeed all postal employees, have lost a dedicated champion of workers’ rights,” said NALC President Fredric V. Rolando.

“Throughout his Senate career, Senator Kennedy was at the forefront in working with our union on many of the critical issues important not only to postal employees, but to the U.S. Postal Service itself,” Rolando said. “These included advancing budgetary legislation that facilitated an efficient, universal postal system to serve all Americans, and also ensuring that postal employees received wages, benefits and a workplace environment that they deserved.”

Rolando also praised Kennedy’s role in winning Hatch Act reforms that allowed all federal and postal employees a greater role in the nation’s political process.

2 thoughts on “Letter Carriers Union Mourns Kennedy Death

  1. He stayed way to long in the senate. far left liberal, should have been a moderate. Left that women to drown should have been charged with at least second degree murder and removed from the senate. Ted’s brothers John and Robert were far greater men than ol Ted, he was not even in the same league.

    Just the same, May he rest in peace. having to go out like that is terrible.

  2. I would have loved to have met the man. Who can ever forget his eulogy he gave at his brother Bobby’s funeral. The most moving speech I have ever heard. There was a reason he was called the lion of the senate. That booming voice shall be missed by me and my wife. There will never be another Teddy Kennedy. We love you Senator Kennedy! May you rest in peace.

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