Burrus: House GOP Takes A Cheap Shot at Our Expense

Burrus Update

I guess it should come as no surprise that Republicans in the House of Representatives have attempted to exploit an off-hand comment by President Obama that compared the Postal Service to FedEx and UPS during a town-hall meeting about healthcare.

In a one-page set of talking points titled An Ominous Model for Government Takeover of Health Care, the House Republican Conference listed a series of half-truths and down-right falsehoods regarding the Postal Service and our service to the American public.

While others have disputed the assertions point-by-point, I direct my criticism at the mindset of a political party that uses every occasion as an opportunity to criticize: Awards to outstanding Americans, freeing American citizens from detainment in a hostile nation, rescuing our seamen from foreign captors, or the effort to solve the nation’s healthcare crisis. No action or statement is above petty criticism and negative analysis.

The HRC’s cheap shots at the Postal Service cannot withstand thorough review, but they serve the purpose. They provide one more opportunity for negativity – to hell with the facts.

In this time of severe economic crisis, I would hope that Americans would seek common ground for recovery. Four years is a long time to spend finding fault with the actions of others instead of offering solutions.

The HRC’s “analysis” of the USPS does not reflect the dedication and hard work of 650,000 postal employees, including those represented by collective bargaining agreements, supervisors, postmasters, executives, and the Board of Governors. We are proud to be part of the world’s best postal system, providing the best service and most inexpensive postage. We reject the efforts of the House Republican Conference to denigrate our service.

William Burrus