NALC Charges USPS With Failure To Provide Mandatory Retirement Counseling For Latest VER Offer

The NALC has filed a national-level interpretive dispute with the Postal Service, charging it failed to provide mandatory retirement counseling prior to the June 19 irrevocable decision date for the latest Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) offer extended to letter carriers.

“A lot of our members did not get the help they needed to make a proper and informed decision about whether they should accept this latest earlyout,” said Executive Vice President Gary Mullins, who headed the union’s Contract Administration Unit when the agreement was reached.

Letter carriers who applied for the VER and requested retirement counseling but did not receive it prior to the deadline should get in touch with their region’s National Business Agent for more information.

“Our NBAs also need to hear from any carriers who withdrew their application for an early out because they couldn’t get counseling prior to the irrevocable date,” Mullins added.

Twice in the past year, the Office of Personnel Management approved Postal Service requests to offer earlyouts as a way to reduce operational costs by cutting from its payroll older, higher-paid workers who were close to retirement. The VER was extended to carriers who were at least 50 years old and had at least 20 years of service, or to carriers of any age with at least 25 years of service. There were no financial incentives to take either VER offer.

This national-level grievance only applies to letter carriers who were in line for the second VER with the June 19 deadline.

Local grievances that have been filed regarding retirement counseling for this latest VER are held in abeyance until the national-level dispute is resolved.

source: NALC

14 thoughts on “NALC Charges USPS With Failure To Provide Mandatory Retirement Counseling For Latest VER Offer

  1. It’s the employees obligation to contact HRSSC and request the retirement information. The Post Office isn’t required to “hold your hand” through the process. Same with contacting OPM and the TSP funding…the employee must initiate the contact, and ask the important questions.

    Some people become too dependent on others to do their work. I retired on the VERA and got the group counseling via phone….it was a waste of time…I already knew the information they provided because I previously called HRSSC numerous times.

  2. Imagine some dope taking the early out offer without doing the math to see if its feasible. If my husband did that he’d be out the door on his keista again. The lazy bum would probly drink himself into a stupper every day any ways.He does it now while he’s working. Don’t take the early out men, we don’t really want you home anyways.

  3. I know I like it here, because I’m staying put. I’m top Senority in my office and I’m not jumping off the turnip truck without a golden parashuut. I haven’t had it so easy since the 60’s; once again I can fit my whole root in a scatchel. I got enough uniforms in the closet to last another 40 years. At this point in life, I’d rather deliver mail more than fish, play golf , and have sex all at the same time. I even like delivering mail more than drinking. Ha

  4. I’m no dope, I didn’t take the early out because I knew they were trying to screw us again with a tiny piece of carrot. Have fun finding a replacement job in this economy. I’m staying till I have 41 years in now, I got 20 now

  5. dam them anyhow. They convinced those old people into retiring, now those old people found out they can’t afford to.

  6. My wife spends every penny I earn, so, I can’t afford any cut backs. With out the overtime, I have to fix lawn mowers to suppliment my income.I’ve been here 40 years, and I think that the NALC should take over the Postal Service. I like it here.

  7. You won’t find at OPM, USPS, NALC or anywhere else an online calculator for the FERS Annuity Supplement. The FERS Annuity Supplement normally applies after MRA and 30 years of service, but in a VERA, the minimum years of service is reduced to 20. Few in FERS will risk submitting an application for early retirement based solely on their basic 1% annuity. They also need to know what their FERS Annuity Supplement will be when it kicks in at MRA. HRSSC refused to provide that information before the VER deadline.

  8. No wonder you picked the name Tony Soprano, you are not the smartest guy around,are you ?
    Anonymous,there is alot more to know about retirement than what your paycheck is going to be.It all boils down to the same thing with the USPS management.There is no accountability for decisions made that violate the contracts!

  9. If you need to figure out your retirement income go to this is the site I used to make my decision on taking the early out. I found it very accurate. It gives you all the info you need. Also go to to find out what the high three is for the month , you will need it for the calculations.

  10. “HRSSC Assistance…where the VERA is concerned, the HR Shared Service Center cannot discuss individual questions/concerns until application for early retirement is submitted and approved.”

    What fool would submit an irrevocable application for retirement under these conditions? Questions to HRSSC, like how much deposit and interest do I owe for military service, were put off by HRSSC until near the retirement date. Some employees were shocked to learn they needed to come up with huge sums like $3,000 when it was too late to withdraw.

  11. For God’s sakes, don’t the morons know to call Shared Services? Hey carriers, why are you paying dues to a buch of dumb asses who don’t even know that you call Shared Services in Greensboro for retirement counciling?

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