APWU Slams Postal Service on BMC Name Change

APWU Slams Postal Service on BMC Name Change

APWU Web News Article #086-09, July 29, 2009

In a letter to USPS management [PDF], APWU President William Burrus admonished the Postal Service for failing to officially notify the union that the Bulk Mail Center network has been renamed the Network Distribution Center network.

“We have negotiated contractual provisions specifically applicable to the BMC and must discuss the ramifications of the change to contractual provisions,” he wrote on July 24. “I am disturbed that the union has not been officially notified of the change and I demand a full explanation.”

The APWU became aware of the official name-change when it came into possession of a copy of a notice to USPS officers informing them of the change.

The union received official notification [PDF] on July 28.

5 thoughts on “APWU Slams Postal Service on BMC Name Change

  1. adn think of the confusion and the expense the post office will get when it has to reoutline forms and text and signs in order to deal with a name change.

    Most people know what BMC is. Its a lot better than the USPS term for what was called junk mail, you know, STD. Having stodied medicine, I keep seeing it as Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

    Thumbs up.

  2. Please fix the PDF links, I would like to be able to access the notices referenced. Thank you.

  3. So, it is starting to come out…
    260 processing centers, reduced (incorporated )to the 21 BMC’s…oooops the new NDC’s .

    Lump in online banking / billpay…(by force).

    Not much left

  4. So i may be wrong….

    Bill slams them on this on 7/29. ( goes public)

    But somehow….on 7/24…bill says I am in receipt….while at the same time al says he is just now giving notice .

    bill says on 7/28….” the union claims they are on notice ”

    I say since everyones “documents” have numerous phone numbers…..( as well as addy’s ) on it………..
    What is the delay?
    4 Days?

    Hmmmm…..promising coast to coast universal service in 3 days,

    Meanwhile 2 people can’t exchange important documents….within a few blocks of each other??


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