USPS To Test New Hybrid Electric Van This Summer

The newest addition to the Postal Service’s fleet of hybrid electric delivery vehicles — a 2-ton hybrid electric van — will be tested later this summer in Long Island, NY.

The vehicle — a combined effort of Azure Dynamics, Morgan Olson, Boyer Ford Truck Sales and Ford Motor Company — will join 30 other Azure Dynamics pure-electric vans currently delivering mail in Manhattan and the Bronx as part of a test of the alternative fuel technology. [pictured at rightAzure Dynamics 2-ton hybrid electric van]

With the largest civilian fleet in the world — nearly 220,000 vehicles traveling more than 1.2 billion miles a year — the Postal Service consistently looks for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet.

“The use of hybrid electric vehicles and other alternative fuel technologies, along with reducing the size of its fleet, will help the Postal Service meet its goal of reducing fuel use by 20 percent over the next five years,” said Sam Pulcrano vice president, Sustainability

Introduction of the test vehicle, announced last week in New York City during dedication of the Morgan P&DC green roof (Link, 7/22), is the latest in a series of initiatives USPS is taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Postal Service has been honored with more than 70 major environmental awards, including 40 White House Closing the Circle awards for environmental stewardship, and the 2009 Climate Change Champion of the Year Award for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

source: USPS News Link

3 thoughts on “USPS To Test New Hybrid Electric Van This Summer

  1. Does this really make sense right now? But then again, do the 16 new flat screen tv’s they just put in all over the plant make sense right now.

  2. Fuel usage is going down 20% mostly because we are eliminating weekend delivery. We also project savings in MPG due to having dealerships with real mechanics doing the work.

  3. The vehicle will be equipped to sell hotdogs out of one side to bring in new revenue.

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