USPS Stamp Advisory Committee Member Arrested

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation’s most prominent African American scholars and member of the Postmaster General’s Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, was arrested last week at his home near Harvard University after trying to force open the locked front door.

According to a report by the police department in Cambridge, Mass., Gates accused police officers at the scene of being racist and said repeatedly, “This is what happens to black men in America.” Gates was charged with disorderly conduct and racial harassment.

Dr. Gates was appointed to the Postmaster General’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee in January 2005.

According to the CSAC’s website:

Established in 1957, the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee receives more than 50,000 cards and letters in support of stamp subject proposals annually and is responsible for making subject and design recommendations to the Postmaster General.

source: Harvard Crimson

6 thoughts on “USPS Stamp Advisory Committee Member Arrested

  1. If it was my house, I would be glad someone bothered to call and if you just remain calm, it’s easy to show proof of residence, I would think.

  2. This is supposed to happen to black men in america who try to break into homes in wealthy white neighborhoods.

  3. “You don’t know who you are dealing with”……is what he told the officers. Why not just cooperate? It would have been resolved right then. Nooooooooooooooooo he wanted to make a deal of it. Sounds like a very angry man. The officers thought his house was being burglarized. He should thank them for coming out to check & not just take someone’s word for it.

  4. Who will protect you from the growing criminal elemant out there. Yeah, let’s get rid of the police & see what you do when your life or your family’s life is threatened. Anyone I have ever met that was anti-law enforcement were of the criminal element in some way shape or form, themselves.

  5. This screams more about the authoritarian attitude more and more police have than about Dr. Gates. We need to protect ourselves from our own police it seems.

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