Inaction By Senate On HR 22 Companion Bill

If I’m reading this right, the Senate is not going to move forward on companion legislation to H.R. 22 until the Postal Service, OMB and OPM create a “legislative proposal.” Nevermind that there is already a legislative proposal, H.R. 22, which passed the House Oversight and Government Reform committee unanimously last week. The Senate wants a new one.

That puts the Postal Service on a rather tight timetable, especially with Congress taking off most of August for vacation. If this bill isn’t passed by September 30 — when the Postal Service’s health care payment is due, a payment it cannot afford — then it becomes a moot point.”

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2 thoughts on “Inaction By Senate On HR 22 Companion Bill

  1. Just talked to Mr. Reid, APWU Legislative Director, and the Congressional Accounting Office has attached a $3 Billion cost to the bill claiming that the PO will stop cost cutting measures if passed. Other proposals are being offered by the White House.

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