USPS Pushing Ahead On Five-Day Delivery Study

Study to be completed in 60 days

On June 10, 2009, USPS informed NALC that it was conducting a study of the impact of switching to five-day delivery and developing an implementation plan. The study was to be completed in 60 days. USPS sought our “input” and our views on the issues such a change would raise and the “impact” it would have. And they wanted that input and those views — for one of the most momentous decisions in postal history — by June 19, 2009, just seven business days later.

On June 17, NALC responded, requesting a prompt meeting with the USPS’ study team and its technicians to receive a detailed briefing including review of the relevant data, projections, sensitivity analyses and assumptions being used in the study.

On July 7, we attended a meeting in response to our letter. We received none of the information or data requested. We were told that there were a lot of experienced, knowledgeable people in the Postal Service who understood the issues, had determined to explore dropping Saturday delivery, would conduct meetings and polls, and expected the draft report in a few weeks. USPS told us they “understood our position.”

The Postal Service cannot unilaterally end Saturday delivery. Such a change would require a change in the law and a 90-day review by the Postal Regulatory Commission. NALC will fight any attempt by the Postal Service to convince Congress to make this radical change.

Needless to say, we relay this report with great disappointment and regret. NALC will proceed professionally and vigorously to oppose the elimination of six-day delivery on its merits. Notwithstanding our position, we will also carefully scrutinize the Postal Service’s study to ensure that its data and assumptions are credible and that it fully considers all the ramifications of such a radical change. NALC would much prefer to work with the USPS on win-win solutions to the ongoing crisis, but is prepared to act on its own to defend the long-term viability of the U.S. Postal Service.
source: NALC 

19 thoughts on “USPS Pushing Ahead On Five-Day Delivery Study

  1. michigander… no way i would take an 18% pay cut… not for all the weather, dogs, running, germs, bugs, etc… No Way…

  2. I know I know have the carrier craft take a 18% pay cut, thats what the PO would save a year if it went to 5 day delivery.

  3. I’m for whatever helps the USPS survive. At this point, we should all be privileged to have jobs. Too many of us (entire workforce) have a sense of entitlement and it won’t be understood until it reaches home. In my area, many employees get it and are doing more considering the times we are in. All you foolish carriers that still think your route is 8hrs with the lack of volume and the “I still have to go to every house” and the clerks who try to create work by working slow are the ones who are ruining for everyone. I carried for 5 years and it was the easiest job I have ever had. The worst part of my day was my 1hr commute. Being a supervisor/kindergarten teacher is one of the hardest I’ve ever had. Too much stress dealing with the nonstop nonsense. As for the NALC Stud, I have noticed that most of the time that the contract is violated is when people don’t come to work!

  4. I don’t believe that any of the people here that love the idea of 5 day delivery are at all carries. I believe they are just a bunch of dumb asses. 5 day delivery means less PTF’s, no T-6’s, good bye to rotating days off. Let’s see how many Doctor’s appointments, DMV visits, children graduations, etc… you can go to on Saturdays. If you think ypu are working overtime now, just wait to see what happens in a fie day work week. You guys complain aboutthe NALC but yet you remain part of it? Riiight! The NALC is responsible for ALL your benefits i.e. Annual and Sick Leave and COLA to state just a few. Where else you get paid the kind of money we get with the benefits we get. UPS does not pay sick leave and most places you can’t switch paid leave for LWOP when using FMLA. With five day delivery the martkets are going to ave to change their billing practices, mailers will mail less dated catalogs for sales etc… and who do you think is going to have to suck up the cost of doing business? Fice day delivery is wrong. Want to save money, remove the managers who continually violate the contract costing the USPS millions every year on grievances, Stop paying so much for Postmasters homes when they move to another installation. The OIG has 200 million dollars in their budget, but they don’t produce 200 million in savings. The OIG did however issue Management 2 reports. the first was on the FSS in which they stated we were going to lose money because we don’t have the flats to make the money to pay for the machines, yet the USPS bought 100 of such machines. the second report was in part about the impact on GPS in postal vehicles. the initial cost for the units is 53.5 million dollars. Afterwards the USPS will pay 45.4 million a year for the service fee. GPS in postal vehicles is just expenses that can be eliminated if Management does its job.

  5. THIRTY YEAR NALC MEMBER sez: Screw the NALC! We’ve been neutered and sold out by Bill Young on many issues….Rolando is left holding the bag, it’ll be a continuation of the same old, same old. It’s all ABOUT THE DUES MONEY, folks. Just look at Young’s expenses, HUGE….while president. Left early every Friday to go to the track…..WITH OUR MONEY IN HIS KICK! We still have an executive board OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE MEMBERSHIP. It’s all patronage and good ‘ol boy networks! Screw ’em, go FIVE DAY DELIVERY!

  6. everyone work 6-6hour and 10 minute days a week,with no days off except Sunday. But,7 extra weeks added to our anal leave allotment.

  7. Double the route size, everyone work 3- 12 hour days with 4 off and a paid 1 1/3 hour lunch. I like it here

  8. Leave everything like it is, don’t give into anything, and play chicken with congress. They’ll come up with the money

  9. For all of you that want to work only a “5 day work week” I wonder if you are pretty high on the seniority list in your office?? Otherwise, you better start looking around for another job closer to home,because you might be one of the unfortunate ones to be excessed FFAAARRR AWAY!!!

  10. OUr manager told us that the 2010 budget did not include 5 day delivery, just the ordinary 6 day delivery, so I’m assuming USPS is not counting on moving to 5 day delivery, at least that’s what he thought.

  11. keep the 6 day work week. Have every carrier hold 2 routes, rotating every day.But, deliver priority mail every day by special carriers.When and if the economy and mail volumn improves,revert back to how it is now. Otherwise, with my idea you can eliminate 1/3 the carrier work force,important mail gets delivered every day,but, regular mail every other day. Huge savings,6 day delivery retained,No other company would be able to fill in the void, we win.

  12. Just how stupid are you all? Anyone who is for a five day week should just quit now and let someone else have your jobs. If we eliminate 6 day delivery, we ignore the REAL customers. The general public may be ok with eliminating a day of delivery, but what about our mailers???

    BTW, I’m not kidding about quitting. Give someone else a chance if you can’t hack a 6 day week.

  13. Bring on the 5 day! Save the USPS! Screw the NALC – all they want is more due paying members!
    From a thinking 26 year carrier.

  14. Heres the facts my fellow postal workers. If we don”t go to 5 day delivery, when contract time comes up we are screwed. Either the national makes less dues or we lose big time in negotiations. FACT!!! I am all about me, Be honest. I bet you are all about you too!

  15. The NALC only wants to maintain membership. It has no idealogical goal of improving service. It wants members, members and more members. It wants to survive off our backs. 5 Day delivery is one of the changes that needs to be made. The NALC needs to just step back and shut up. You sure as heck do not represent me. If you did then why does our branch still have grievances at informal step A and formal Step A for over a year.

  16. Let’s go to 4 day, I want 3 day weekend. And with savings, Col Potter can hire a hundred more vice presidents.

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