Fewer Than 2 Percent Of Postal Employees Take Latest Early Retirement Offer

From Federal Times

Fewer than 2 percent of U.S. Postal Service employees who were offered a chance at early retirement last month accepted the offer — far less than postal management expected. The Postal Service offered early retirement to 147,937 employees; they were required to make a decision by June 16, with their retirement beginning no later than July 31. Just 2,505 employees accepted the offer — about 1.7 percent.

That’s down slightly from the last round of early retirements, which concluded in February. About 2.3 percent of the 22,381 eligible employees accepted the offer.

And it’s well below what Postmaster General John Potter expected: In a March interview, Potter said he expected between 10,000 and 15,000 employees to accept the offer.

Full story: http://www.federaltimes.com/index.php?S=4174122

2 thoughts on “Fewer Than 2 Percent Of Postal Employees Take Latest Early Retirement Offer

  1. the usps should give everyone between 20 to 25 years the time they need to take the early out, the older workers will not go, the money they save on sick, annual and holidays makes it pretty much a wash! the people in this age group will more likely go while they are still somewhat young to start a different career. there are about 150,000 eligible to retire and less than 2 percent took it. i know it is a bad economy but how many would be eligible under this scenario?

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