Michael Jackson Semi-Postal Stamp?

In a recent e-letter to the US Postal Service a reader wrote:

Due to the passing of Michael Jackson, the business world will try to capitalize on his fame. The USPS should immediately initiate a semi-postal stamp honoring Michael Jackson with the proceeds going to combat world hunger. The stamp could outsell Elvis. Jody Whiteside, Dixie, WV

note: A lot pf people on the internet are voicing the same request. However, USPS policy is a person must be dead for five years (changed from ten years) before they can be considered for a stamp. The only exception: Presidents of the United States.

14 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Semi-Postal Stamp?

  1. Yes! I really think that a stamp for Michael Jackson IS going to help alleviate the financial crisis the Postal Service is experiencing. By all means, focus on a “stamp” rather than focusing on what is really causing this financial crisis. Solutions, other than cutting service to customers, closing stations, terminating employees, the list continues…In all the “I” have read re the Postal crisis NOT once have I read anything about the PMG and the management hierarchy downward say anything about forfeiting their bonus, freezing their salary, changing whatever benefits the management hierarchy now receives. By all means…a Michael Jackson stamp will fix everything. Why are new Postal facilities being built when the PO doesn’t have any money…the questions are endless.

  2. A stamp- For Michael Jackson??? Are you kidding??
    I am so sick of the “lovefest” for this pedophile the last week I will be happy when the hype dies. The USPS should jump to it because someone as “noteworthy” as that conman Rev. Sharpton says they should? Please people- get a grip.

  3. 6 June 09

    Micheal Jackson was very talented Star and entertainer,but giving him a stamp before the proper period, would smack of favoritism, let him wait like every other famous person

  4. He was nothing but a pervert!
    they will try to put out Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stamps next.
    People call them Reverends. there nothing but Racists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Semi-Postal,- Is that like if I get sorta pissed off and not extremely pissed off, I go semi-postal?

  6. Al Sharpton wants to put all pedophiles on a postage stamp. THEY SHOULD BE IN hell NOT ON A POSTAGE STAMP!

  7. I think the idea is GREAT! I would buy many MJ stamps….he’s a legend who will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. THE USPS needs to MASS PRODUCE MJ STAMPS ASAP. Perhaps it would save our jobs and keep the window clerks busy.

  8. will the black Michael or white michael Jackson be picked for the stamp. Maybe just put a mask over his mug to satisfy everyone!

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