USPS Meets With APWU On Plans To Consolidate Stations

 At a meeting at USPS Headquarters on June 23, the Postal Service briefed APWU Clerk Craft officers about plans to consolidate operations in large stations and branches. Managers also provided the union with an updated list of 3,243 stations and branches in Level-24-and-above installations that are being reviewed. At the briefing, postal officials said that 740 already had been identified as candidates for consolidation and/or closing.

4 thoughts on “USPS Meets With APWU On Plans To Consolidate Stations

  1. Take that back. I sit on my ass all night eating donuts. Where else would I get paid $96,000 a year for that?

  2. instead of cutting jobs of the people who get the mail delivered, some attention should be directed at evaluating all the good ole boy jobs behind a desk.

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