Congressman To Introduce Bill For Mail Carriers To Conduct 2010 Census

 Press Release

Census Should Partner With Post Office, Not ACORN
“We already have a workforce that goes to every home”
WASHINGTON D.C.–Today Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced he will introduce legislation requiring the Commerce Department’s execution of the 2010 Census to be conducted in partnership with the United States Post Office. The Census previously announced a need to hire in excess of 750,000 people to conduct the Census. The Post Office has 760,000 employees.
In a controversial approach, the Census previously announced it is partnering with a multitude of community organizations, including ACORN, to find people to hire to gather Census data. In committee hearings Rep. Chaffetz and others expressed serious reservations about the lack of standards offered by the Census to ensure nefarious organizations and individuals are excluded from gathering this sensitive data.
“It is imperative the American People have the utmost confidence in the collection of Census data. We should not rely upon ACORN to gather Census data. I don’t trust ACORN and neither do the American people.
“We already have a trusted workforce. This is a common sense business approach.   Rather than hire 750,000 new, unknown people, let’s use people and assets already in place. This should save money, help the Post Office in a time of financial need, and give confidence and credibility to the collection of personal information. Postal carriers know the people on their routes, they know how to find them and how to count them.

“The census is a good example of an inefficient government program with billions of dollars of cost overruns that could immediately become more efficient with this common sense approach using resources already at our disposal,” said Rep. Chaffetz.
760,000+         Postal employees
750,000+         Anticipated new hires needed to conduct the 2010 Census
$11 Billion+     Appropriations to conduct the 2010 Census
$ Billions          Projected US Post Office revenue shortfall for FY 2009
April 1, 2010    Census Day (Thursday)
Rep. Chaffetz’ bill will create a “postal holiday” on the “Census Day” to allow the collection of Census information rather than the delivery of mail.
Rep. Chaffetz will also introduce a companion bill requiring a simultaneous study to be conducted to review the execution of the 2010 Census, learn from the experience and prepare for the 2020 Census.