APWU, USPS Eliminate Face-to-Face Step 3 Grievance Meetings

In an article by Steve Zamanakos, APWU Denver Region Clerk NBA, he wrote :

“NBAs all across the country have been relegated to the telemarketers abyss. Effective in June, all Step 3 meetings and Direct Appeal meetings must now be conducted over the phone.”

“The officers at Headquarters APWU tell us in the field that this latest agreement to meet over the phone is being done as a “cost saving” measure. After all, travel is expensive and APWU membership is declining due mainly to the fact that our members are retiring and are not being replaced by the Employer. I have no problem with “cost cutting” so long as one doesn’t “gut” the very reason for our existence as a union.”

PR note: Many unionists believe this will mean more grievances unresolved until they have been scheduled for arbitration.

see article “As I see it” via 21 Century Postal Worker