USPS FERS Annuity Estimates Are Too Low Between MRA and age 62

The USPS is failing to follow OPM’s instructions to include the FERS annuity supplement when offering VER to employees between MRA (55-57) and age 62.  (see attached documents)  This is something new that didn’t exist under CSRS.  HRSSC is hopelessly inept these days due to inadequate trained staff.  The USPS is starting to get substantial numbers of VER-eligible FERS employees as FERS began 25 years ago.  The result of this oversight is their annuity estimates are too low for this age group–by $1,000 per month in the case of one person in my office.  OPM eventually awarded her the full amount, but her temporary annuity payments were way too low initially as they were based on the agency’s inaccurate estimate.  I would like to hear from others with a similar experience as I have a grievance held in abeyance on this.

FERS Annuity Estimates(PDF)

Don Cheney
Auburn WA

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