Arbitration Decision Reassigns Postal Supervisor For Violating Workplace Violence Policy

Grievant, Matthew Ackah is a Letter Carrier at the Diamond Farms Post Office. Mr. Ackah filed a grievance about an alleged incident that occurred on Saturday, August 30,2008 between Mr. Ackah and his Supervisor, Mr. Hugo Aldana.

Grievant asserts that Mr. Aldana told him to go back and get a gun because that is what thieves do when Grievant approached Mr. Aldana’s desk and requested PS Form 3996 for auxiliary assistance. PS Form 3996 is a form that Letter Carriers request from their Supervisors when the postal carrier thinks that he/she will require overtime to complete their mail responsibilities for the day. Grievant asserts that he felt threatened, intimidated and provoked by the comment.

Mr. Ackah informed his Shop Steward, Chester Crews on August 30, 2008 about the incident and he also informed Shop Steward Hugh McElroy by an email Mr. McElroy received on Sunday, August 31, 2008 about what he alleges was said to him by Supervisor Aldana.

The Grievance is sustained. The Postal Service will reassign Mr. Aldana to a Supervisor’s position at another Post Office or any other position at another Post Office as it deems appropriate. Within three months (3) months of this decision, Supervisor Aldana shall receive sensitivity training – training geared to learning how to proactively avoid words and actions that can be perceived as disrespectful or intimidating by others as well as training to only reflect the positions of the USPS and not his own personal positions or views, especially with regard to overtime.

read full arbitration decision from NALC Branch 3825 (PDF)