APWU Questions USPS On Its Non Use of Mail To Communicate With Union

In a recent Question and Answer session with USPS, APWU wanted to know why the following: 

APWU: What is the source of Area management’s change regarding the practice of issuing official notice to the Region via US Mail? Since at least 2001 and continuing there after the US mails has been recognized as the official avenue for official correspondence between the Area and the Region. This also serves as a means of generating revenue to digress to electronic diversion undermines volume at a time were any volume is desirable.

USPS Response: The US Mail is not the sole means of communication. There is no prohibition to the use of e-mail or the telephone to communicate, especially in todyay’s environment

APWU: Is there an electronic stamp, electronic postmark to validate issuance and/or receipt of emails that can be used by the parties if the Area Insists that emails are officIal notices?

USPS Response: The sender can ask for a receipt