APWU Local President Warns Postal Clerks About Falsification Of PO Box Distribution Time

Excerpts from the Unionizer, East Bay Area Local #47’s Quarterly Publication, January-March 2009 issue

Falsification of PO Box Distribution Time
By Stephen Lysaght, President

As I reported in the last issue of the Unionizer, the District [PR note: Bay-Valley District] issued a policy in response to complaints that I lodged about supervisors and postmasters either instructing Clerks to falsify the time by which PO box mail was distributed, or falsifying the time themselves. In that I continued to receive reports of such fraud even after issuance of the policy, at the Local’s behest the memorandum in the box to the right [see letter below] was issued to the field on Dec. 30, 2008.

I encourage any member required to falsify the time by which all committed mail is distributed to report it to your Shop Steward or the Union Office. Supervisors and managers should be held accountable and punished for fraud, just as any bargaining unit employee would be.

Policy Letter

Managers, Customer Services
Subject: PO Box Up Time (SPMS)

There have been recent reports by Union officials that managers have instructed supervisors and employees to scan the PO Box barcode before all committed mail has been placed in the box.

The subject of PO Box scanning has been covered in Focus ON Results meetings. Managers were also required to share the attached Committed Mail poster with all employees having box walling responsibilities and to post it in the box section by November 29.

Falsification of the up time by scanning before walling is completed will not be tolerated. Postmasters and station managers will be held personally accountable for ensuring compliance with instructions.

Contact your respective MPOO or Host Postmaster if you have any questions or need clarification.

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