Update: Obama Will Not Cut Postal Employee Benefits

From Charley Mapa, President of the Nationals League of Postmasters:

Dear Leaguers,
We’ve heard so much over the last few days regarding President Obama’s budget for 2009, especially the portion regarding the amount Postal employees pay for their health care premiums. Of course, this caused much consternation among all of us. This is what our Legislative Counsel, Bob Brinkmann, has provided regarding that issue:
“The summary version of the budget that President Obama sent up to the hill contained a provision that suggested that postal workers bear the same proportion of the costs of their benefits as do other federal workers. Our understanding is that putting that provision into the summary budget was an error, and that it has been rectified. The full, formal version of the President’s budget that will be submitted later in the year will not contain that provision. ”
At this point, it seems that what was a big issue, has become a non-issue.
Charley Mapa


National League of Postmasters