Changes In Store For Postal Bulk Mail Center Network

 From the National Postal Mail Handlers Union

Subcontracting Is Off the Table

The USPS has informed the NPMHU of changes that they intend to make to the existing BMC network.  According to USPS Headquarters, they intend to move forward with a new network which will utilize the existing BMCs as “Network Distribution Centers” (NDCs) to more efficiently process and transport the mail.  The plans shared with the Union thus far call for three tiers of BMCs (NDCs), with each tier having different responsibilities.  This new initiative eliminates the earlier USPS plan to subcontract much of the BMC work.

According to the USPS plan, Tier 1 BMCs (NDCs) will lose some volume because some of the mail that is currently being processed there will be rerouted to Tier 2 facilities.

The concept will be tested first, most likely in the Northeast Area, and involves three Bulk Mail Centers (Springfield, Philadelphia, and New Jersey).  Springfield and Philadelphia are expected to be “Tier 1 NDCs,” and New Jersey is expected to be a “Tier 2 NDC.”

Further details regarding mail processing, transportation, staffing and other issues will be circulated to the Local Unions shortly.  Discussions are ongoing with USPS Headquarters, and we will update you as further details become available.

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