Postmasters League President Calls For Action on Postal Bullies

From National League of Postmasters President Charles Mapa

By now most of you have heard that NAPS President Ted Keating presented the Postal service a letter asking for the removal of Western Area Vice President Sylvester Black and Dakotas District Manager Clem Felchle for remarks made during telecoms with their subordinates. This is a good time to address an even more serious problem that I’ve spoken about several times over the last few years. The management style embraced by many, many areas and districts throughout this country is sick. Mr. Black’s remarks are just a symptom of the ailment. Mr. Black’s remarks are the first that we are being forced to review publicly. Part of this style is to systematically berate, belittle and humiliate subordinates, including POOMs, Postmasters, and supervisors. We need to get rid of the bullies that are untrainable and replace them with real leaders. We deal effectively with people that make racial or sexual remarks; we need to do the same with the bullies. Like a cancer, this sick type of management has been festering and growing for years. I challenge Jack Potter and the Postal Service to walk the talk of Dignity and Respect.

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