EEOC Class Action Pending For Postal Employees Placed Under USPS National Reassessment Process

note: I found this little nugget stuck in the middle of another EEOC case.

A class action complaint for injured on duty postal employees was certified by an EEOC Administrative Judge (AJ) on May 30,2008.  

In the case of Sandra McConnell, et al. v. United States Postal Service an AJ decision certified the following class:

All permanent rehabilitation employees and limited duty employees at the U.S. Postal Service who have been subjected to the National Reassessment Process (NRP) from May 5, 2006 to present, allegedly in violation of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The AJ certification decision recited evidence that the goal of NRP was to assign work to employees who had an approved compensable injury as determined by the Department of Labor. According to the decision, Phase 1 of NRP consisted largely of reviewing the files and medical records of all these employees; where needed requesting updated medical documentation from the employee; and verifying that current work actually being performed matched the current job offer. According to the decision, Phase 2 consisted largely of canvassing facilities to identify work necessary for operations and functions, attempting to match the employee with the necessary work, and if none is found, notifying the employee that no work was available.

The Postal Service filed an appeal from the certification decision, which is pending as of February 13, 2009.

More details will be posted as they become available.

 List of USPS Districts Currently Under Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Process

54 thoughts on “EEOC Class Action Pending For Postal Employees Placed Under USPS National Reassessment Process

  1. well to everybody who have there owen oppinion is in titled to thatbut for the on the job inury emplyoee like me we just have to pray and keep pray for things to get better so keep your head up.

  2. A guy in my office treated me like dirt when I went there to work, all because I was on limited duty. He was nasty to me all the time. Well guess what? He was injured recently so now he knows what its like to deal with it. The only difference when it happened to me, we had light duty without the threat of the NRP on our backs. I am sure hes had a thought or 2 about how he treated me. Bottom line is it can happen to anyone, anytime. Not all are fakes.

  3. Good advice from learned the hard way. File you claim immediately if injured on the job. Took me over three years for my claim to be excepted. OWCP had me go to 4 of their doctors for 4 seperate medical opinions, that all came back with the same evaluation. They hope that you up and die before they have to ever compensate you for your WORK RELATED INJURY. Hard to believe someone would fake an injury and deliberately put themself through the nightmare I had. Go by the postal rule, and work at a safe pace so you never injure yourself or anyone else! Practice what they preach!

  4. For those of you who think injured or disabled employees are fakers probably go to (or will go to) chiropractors for their sore backs because of the bent over ” kissing ass ” position that most of you do to management, I hope that turns you with your aching backs into fakers too, or will you be the ” poor exception “. I wonder if you call your kids ” fakers “

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