USPS Continues Hiring Freeze

On February 2, 2009 Deborah Giannoni-Jackson, Vice President Employee Resource Management stated in a letter to USPS Headquarters Officers that there is still a hiring freeze for Headquarters and Headquarters Field Units

 “We continue to be under a hiring freeze for Headquarters and Headquarters Field Units. The freeze includes position upgrades, additions to complement, laterals, reassignments and requests for new positions. All current requests to announce a position vacancy will be returned to the requesting manager. Any job posting announcement which is contained in the vacancy package with an issue date of February 3 with a closing date of February 18 will be canceled and those employees who have submitted an application will be notified. Bargaining unit position vacancies will be filled in accordance with the applicable agreement. If a formal job offer was extended prior to today. please provide the specific details to Manager. Corporate Personnel Management.”