NAPUS, USPS Quarterly Consultative Meeting Minutes

From the National Association of Postmasters Of the US

On November 20, 2008 NAPUS held its quarterly consultative meeting with the Postal
Service at the NAPUS Headquarters building. President Dale Goff, Secretary/Treasurer
Ruthie Cauble, incoming Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Orshak and Executive Director Ken
Engstrom attended representing NAPUS. Manager, Labor Relations Policy
Administration Bill Jones, Labor Relations Specialist Lee Ann Olohan, and Rich Rudez,
Manager of Retail USPS attended representing the Postal Service.

Introduction of the new players for each team were made. Incoming Secretary/Treasurer
Wayne Orshak was introduced to his first consultative meeting. Also introduced was
newly promoted Labor Relations Specialist Lee Ann Olohan who took over for Sheryl

President Dale has made informational requests to Postal Headquarters on several issues
that Rich Rudez, USPS Manager Retail explained:

1. Question was asked about the measurement of EXFC concerning mail dropped
off in a collection box and the Priority and First Class mail sold after 5pm. This
affects every Postmasters NPA score and their end of the year merit. The answer
was that only the mail dropped before the last posted collection time will be
counted on the EXFC. The Priority and First Class sold at the retail window after
5pm will have tomorrow’s date. This then will roll out correct in the EXFC

2. Question was asked about the new USPS Retail program, “SSA Daily Revenue
Goals” becoming another “got ya” system for the Postal Service. Both the
APWU and NAPUS have voiced our concerns over this new program. This
program involves giving goals to the window clerks based on the hours worked
by each clerk and the walk in revenue goal for the unit. Rich Rudez stated that
the program is not a “got ya” and stated that information will be put out to ALL
Area’s to focus on page one of the program. Which states: “The goal of the SSA
Revenue Goals System is to provide a revenue target for each SSA assigned to
work at a postal counter. It also provides a weekly and monthly revenue target for
each Postal facility at the 6-digit finance number level. The use of the tool
provides clarity of the role and the expectations of the SSA. Postal management
may use the tool as an opportunity to coach and reinforce the importance of
revenue generation at all levels of the organization. The tool presents the
opportunity to be used in local recognition programs as well as providing access
to revenue information.” In the Western Area an SOI was sent stating that
managers will “take corrective action” or “take appropriate correction action”
when the goals are not met. A letter written by Bill Jones, Manager Labor
Relations Policy Administration to President Dale Goff on November 20, 2008
states the intention is for the manager or supervisor to implement a change to
correct an identified deficiency. The SOI does not instruct or suggest the manager
or supervisor must take disciplinary action. The USPS stated that in messages in
the future this fact will be provided as a reminder. They also stated that they
welcome issues from NAPUS where we can work together to solve our

3. Question was asked why are Postmasters still being given discipline for the “wait
time in line” failures. This issue has been brought forward to the USPS in
consultative meetings as far back as 10/23/06. The APWU has a MOU on NO
discipline on a Mystery Shop. Doug Tulino, Vice President Labor Relations
USPS has stated in a letter that Mystery Shopper evaluations are not to be used as
a source for disciplinary action. Maybe the best way to present a Postmaster’s
issue when going into the MPOO’s office for a possible PIP is to give them the
“root cause” for the perceived failure. NAPUS has asked the Postal Service for
training to be given by Rich Rudez at next years National Convention in Alaska
on how to pull up the needed information in programs such as the “RDM &
WOS” reports. These tools will make the case for the Postmasters actions on any
given day.

4. Question was asked on where the Postal Service is on their timeline to consolidate
the SDO offices into the three main offices nationally. Postmasters have a hard
enough time getting their stamp orders now so NAPUS concern is very real when
it is the proposed action to cut these distributing units to three nationally. The
Postal Service stated they would get us updated information on this issue.
5. Question was asked on the status of the new program presented by the retail office
of the Postal Service titled “Lead Team Program”. Postal Service stated that this
program is to be discontinued.

6. Question was asked on when NAPUS will get an answer on the POV issue.
Postmasters are still being mandated to use their own vehicles to deliver mail.
The Postal Service stated that we will have a meeting in December 2008 with the
Law Department and the Vehicle Services Department of the USPS with NAPUS,
League, and NAPS.

7. Question was raised concerning the posting of Postmaster jobs when in states like
PA. and CA. they are posting and filling POOM vacancies. Are POOM positions
now considered more essential than a Postmaster position of a city? The Postal
Service did not have an answer but stated they would research and get back to

8. Question was presented to the Postal Service regarding “bonus pay-outs” in the
Postal Service. The Postal Service did not have an answer but stated they would
get back to President Dale Goff with the information.