USPS Seeking Vendor to Replace Manual Distribution

Residual Mail Processing Sources Sought

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is seeking to obtain information on potential strategic sources for developing, acquiring, and managing a system to automate the processing of residual letter and flat volumes. These residual letter mail and flat mail volumes manifest themselves as current letter and flat automation rejects or non-automation compatible mailpieces. The new system will replace the current manual distribution processes of sorting letter and flat rejects or non-automation compatible mailpieces. Respondents to this Sources Sought Notice are requested to submit “white papers” on their approach or solution for the automation of residual letter and flat volumes.

Companies must describe their system concept, its technical and functional feasibility and capability of going from prototype to production to deployment. At a minimal your white paper must depict how your company will accomplish the following:

1. Process all letter and flat mail residual volumes, without regard to physical mailpiece shape, height, width, weight and condition. Provide an automated volume input method, that may include an operator assisted input function.

2. Derive finest depth-of-code address data for individual residual mail pieces. As a minimum, the following mail piece data will be determined: finalized ZIP Code data based upon the delivery address. 3. Uniquely identify – via tag info – each mailpiece processed. 4. Accept sort plan data from the National Directory Support System (NDSS). 5. Provide sortation depth to the carrier park point or relay point (as available in the national DPF file. 6. Shall not create reject / subsequent handling residual pieces. 7. Include a Video Encoding workstation. 8. Contain Undeliverable -as-Addressed handling capability

The Respondents to this Sources Sought Notice are reminded that responses to this notice are not considered offers and will not be accepted by the Postal Service to form a binding contract. In addition, the Postal Service will not incur any monetary obligation associated with this Sources Sought Notice or any responses thereto.

source: Federal Business Opportunties