Chicago Postal Managers Meeting On FSS, Pay Freeze, VER

This is what was discussed at a meeting of all District Managers and Plant Managers held in Chicago last week:

 7000 to 9000 routes have to be removed in FY 09.

Two rate increases in FY 09 packages will go up 5% in January, 1st Class will go up 4.8% in May.

Base pay will be frozen.

If we stop Saturday delivery it will be a savings of 3.5 – 5.0 billion, but we can’t do that by ourselfs, has to go through congress.

DPS goal will be 95% in FY09.

Mail will have to be finished in processing by 0600AM.

FSS orders have been cut, so if your district was getting 4 or five you will be getting only three now.

The volume we are working now is the same as it was in 1977.

Letters are going out this week informing clerks they are now going to be carriers.

We need to cut our compliment by 64,600 employees this FY.

Only 8,500 took the VERA, the goal was 40,000.
HQ will be reduced by 1,200 positions.

Registry jobs will not be posted as registry only jobs, they will have other duties including registry.

Pay is frozen for all executive positions.