Craft Jurisdiction for Flat Sequencing System (FSS) Awarded To Postal Mail Handlers

 Letter sent out by the National Postal Mail Handlers Union

October 28, 2008

To: All Local Union Presidents
All National RI-399 Advocates

From: John F. Hegarty, National President
William J. Flynn, Jr., Manager, CAD

Re: Craft Jurisdiction for Flat Sequencing System (FSS)

We are pleased to enclose a copy of an October 24, 2008 letter that sets forth the Postal Service’s determination of craft jurisdiction for employees working on the Flat Sequencing System (FSS). As you know from prior meetings and reports, the National Office has been working to obtain this determination for some time, before the FSS will be deployed in the coming months and years.

As set forth in the attached, the mail handler craft has been determined to be the primary craft to perform most of the work associated with this piece of equipment. In particular, the duties performed at the Automated Bundle Sorting Unit (ABSU), the preparation stations, the dolly maker, the dolly induction unit, as well as the removal of mail containers from the FSS machine and the movement of containers between parts of the FSS, have all been assigned to the mail handler craft. The work at the feed station of the Automatic Induction system has been assigned to the mail processors. Finally, allied duties such as clearing jams have been assigned to whichever craft can perform the work most efficiently and effectively.

Should you have any questions about this letter or its implementation in any particular facility, please contact the National CAD. Also, if you are encountering resistance or opposition from management when implementing this letter, please contact the National CAD so that we can address particular implementation problems with USPS headquarters.

Please disseminate this memorandum and the attached letter as you deem appropriate

source: NPMHU