NALC President Young Assails GOP Ad Suggesting Carriers Are Possible Sexual Predators

The head of the 302,000-member National Association of Letter Carriers today assailed a television ad attacking Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire that suggests that U.S. Postal Service letter carriers are possible sexual predators endangering the lives of children on the street.

The television ad, being run by the Republican Governors Association in support of GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, shows a man walking a dog, and then a letter carrier (with satchel and mail), leering at young children near an ice cream truck, while in the audio background a woman depicting a mother warns that some convicted sex offenders have not properly registered with law enforcement agencies during the Gregoire administration.

“This television ad is beneath contempt,” said NALC President William H. Young.  “It is ludicrous and shameful that the Republican Governors Association would stoop so low as to portray America’s most trusted government agents in this manner just to pump up a specious political argument against the incumbent governor.”

“I demand, on behalf of city letter carriers across the nation, that Republican Governors Association Chair Rick Perry (R-TX) immediately withdraw this ad from all television outlets and websites and publicly apologize to all letter carriers for this damaging portrayal of their character,” Young added.

 Young pointed out that letter carriers are known throughout the country for their many heroic and humanitarian deeds—often coming to the aid of children, their support of charitable organizations, and conducting the nation’s largest food drive to feed needy families.