USPS Wants Commercial Outdoor Advertising On Its Property

 From USPS notice posted on Federal Biz Opportunities:

The USPS owns or leases approximately 35,000 properties and facilities throughout the United States that it wishes maximize the value of by being considered for use as commercial outdoor advertising signboards, billboards and displays. The USPS is seeking to contract with a commercial outdoor advertising management firm (the “Manager”) with the experience and capability of marketing and managing a large number of commercial outdoor advertising sites.

The Manager will fully develop commercial outdoor advertising as a source of revenue to USPS and work to make commercial outdoor advertising a positive element in the USPS’s facilities environment. The Manager shall use communication and a cooperative relationship between the USPS and the Manager to build and maintain a cooperative “co-development” approach to help provide the USPS with a viable source of income from the utilization of its facilities for commercial outdoor advertisement purposes. Commercial outdoor advertising sites shall be contingent upon compliance with all statutes and regulations governing such activity. Any contract developed as a result of this solicitation would be designed to cover properties controlled, in total or in part, through ownership, leases or other contracts or agreements by the USPS.


Billboard RFP Questions & Answers

Q12: Will the USPS provide a list of USPS locations that currently have outdoor advertising structures, a description of the outdoor advertising structures and the identity of the lessee/licensee?

A: USPS billboard locations and lessees are proprietary information.

Q14: Is USPS currently a party to any contract with a third party for the provision of similar management services in respect of outdoor advertising? If so will USPS provide a copy?

A: The USPS is currently party to contracts with third party providers. The USPS agreements with those third parties are confidential and proprietary.