Postmaster General Urges Leaders of Employees Organizations To Work With USPS

 From National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS):

Postmaster General, Jack Potter met today with the leadership of the three management associations and craft unions representing all craft employees and EAS employees of the Postal Service.

The meeting was scheduled to brief the leadership of the employee organizations on the current situation in the Postal Service and to request the cooperation from all of the representative organizations in working together to get through this difficult period.

While the members of all our organizations are well aware of the lack of mail in the system, we were briefed on the dynamics of the revenue losses and the impact that it is having on our ability to operate. PMG Potter advised the association and union leadership that the financial condition of the Postal Service was poor with revenue falling considerably short of our objectives due to the overall poor U.S. economy.

Potter added that the Postal Service would need the help of the unions and associations in working with the Congress as the Postal Service attempts to develop solutions to our problems that will involve discussions and Congressional approval. Specific plans were not discussed at the meeting.

Potter advised that there are meetings this week with the Board of Governors of the USPS followed by a meeting with the Postal Service Area Vice Presidents. Potter added that it was his intention to increase the frequency of meetings with the association and union leadership to keep everyone informed of future plans.

NAPS will keep our members updated on information that is received from the Postal Service.

NAPS Headquarters