Postal COLA Update: Letter Carriers To Get $1,498, APWU $1,477

The next regular cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) under the (NALC)2006-2011 National Agreement will be $1,498 annually, based on the Consumer Price Index for July. The COLA, effective the pay period beginning August 30 (pay date September 19), is the third of eight COLAs included in the 2006-2011 contract.

The new COLA is equivalent to 72 cents per hour, or $57.60 per pay period.

source: NALC


For Employees Covered by the National Agreement and the Operating Services Agreement:

 In July, the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) rose to 644.303. After the last month of the six-month measuring period, the fourth COLA under the 2006 National Agreement will be $1,477 per year, which works out to $56.80 per pay period or 71 cents per hour. The COLA will be effective Aug. 30, 2008 (pay period 19-2008, pay date Sept. 19, 2008).