Postal Worker Indicted On Charge of Threatening To Kill Supervisor

ROANOKE, Va. – A 59-year-old postal worker in Roanoke faces up to eight years in prison after being indicted for allegedly threatening his supervisor.

Federal prosecutors say Samuel Davis Kemp was indicted Thursday. Kemp works as a mail handler at the U.S. Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center in Roanoke.

According to the indictment, last month Kemp was called into the supervisor’s office to address the concern that he allegedly was under the influence of alcohol while on duty. Officials called police to have Kemp removed after he became belligerent and allegedly threatened to kill his supervisor.

He is charged with one count of forcibly assaulting, resisting, opposing, impeding, intimidating and interfering with his supervisor while he was engaged in his official duties–postalworkerindic0808aug08,0,4549911.story