Postal Service Recommends VERA for Postmasters

From National League of Postmasters President Charley Mapa: 

This afternoon, July 23, League President Charley Mapa was contacted by Bill Jones, HQ Labor Relations. Mr. Jones stated that, in response to the letter that his office had received from League and Napus, today the Postal Service had sent to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) their own letter recommending a VERA (early out) for Postmasters. For this process to go forward, OPM must approve the request.

Mr. Jones was careful to point out that even if OPM approves the request, the Postal Service may not choose to exercise the option of an early out for Postmasters. If approved, and if the Postal Service decides to offer the VERA to Postmasters, the VERA will occur over the next two years. The request sent to OPM would cover all Postmasters, levels 11 through 24.

As always, the League will stay on top of this issue and communicate any updates to you as soon as they become official.