USPS To Eliminate 2,400 Supervisor Positions?

According to Hierofont Rural/Postal News:

In the past week, Postmaster General Jack Potter and members of Headquarters staff have had conference calls with each USPS district manager and district staffs with direct instructions to reduce supervisory positions within each district. Each district has been given a target number of supervisory positions that must be eliminated ranging from 26 to 47 positions per district. USPS is committed to reducing management positions (as reported in Hierofont News in December 2007) and this phase is expected to yield a total reduction of approximately 2400 supervisor positions.

 The news of the reductions comes after the conclusion of a national mail count for rural routes; wherein supervisor positions were a critically important part of the logistics of conducting the national mail count. Although the decisions to force the elimination of supervisor positions was made before the mail count, the actual directions were withheld until now. News of the reductions is still not common knowledge and will come as a surprise to many supervisors thus targeted.
The editor expects increased use of temporary supervisors to fill local office requirements as needed. In essence, the plan is similar to using casuals in place of full time employees or using contract employees in place of full time employees.

In an editorial entitled an “Open Letter to Postmaster and Managers” and in similar editorials from November through the present, this editor specifically warned that a reduction in managers was coming and that it will continue to come, just as USPS will reduce the number of postmaster positions.

What happened to clerks and city carriers with automation and what will accelerate with FSS flat automation and later parcel automation, that will continue to happen to rural carriers, most assuredly will happen to supervisors and postmasters. The ranks of supervisors and postmasters have trended down (each year more positions disappear) and that trend wi8ll only accelerate. Managers who have done USPS dirt up to now; can look forward to having dirt done to them. It is as sure as a rainbow following a torrential rain.

source:Hierofont News