Postal Employees Entitlement to Servicemember FMLA

From USPS:

There have been changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that every employee should know about. An update now entitles eligible employees to take leave for a covered family member’s service in the armed forces. This policy supplements current FMLA policy and provides notice of employee rights to such leave.

Servicemember FMLA provides eligible employees leave to care for a covered family member — spouse, parent, son, daughter or next of kin — who has incurred an injury or illness in the line of duty while on active duty in the armed forces. That’s provided that the injury or illness render the family member medically unfit to perform the duties of the member’s office, grade, rank or rating.

Eligible employees also are entitled to leave because of a qualifying situation caused by a  family member’s active duty or call to active duty in the armed forces in support of a contingency operation plan.

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