New USPS Voice of the Employee Survey?

From the Postal Service notice posted on Federal Business Opportunities website:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) wishes to pre-qualify suppliers who can develop, implement, manage, and analyze information for a national Employee Engagement survey.  The purpose of this system is to provide an independent, periodic measure of the satisfaction levels of Postal Service employees.  Such a process should also help the USPS to identify which employee engagement drivers need attention to increase employee engagement.  The USPS is seeking suppliers who apply current industry best practices and demonstrate innovative approaches to providing actionable insights into employees’ perceptions.  Suppliers pre-qualified as part of this process may be invited to participate in response to a solicitation(s) issued by the USPS.  It is the intent of the USPS to issue a solicitation for the measurement of employee engagement and analysis using pre-qualified suppliers. 

The purpose of the Employee Engagement survey is to measure employees’ attitudes about the workplace and their perception of drivers of their overall work experience.  It will be a census survey of the entire employee population to gain insight into the issues and concerns of the workforce.  The current survey (Voice of the Employee) measures perceptions of workplace environment, consists of 41core questions and is administered on a quarterly basis to one fourth of the approximately 800,000 employee population.  Every employee has an opportunity to respond to the survey once every year. 
All 41 questions elicit employee opinion on a wide variety of workplace related issues.  Six of these questions have been identified as key indicators of workplace environmental factors that can have an impact on employee performance and affect business outcomes.  These questions are combined together, each receiving equal weight, and averaged into an index score.
The successful supplier must be able to:
A.  Select a stratified random sample of employees for each Performance Cluster (PC) and Headquarters/related unit, stratified by bargaining and non-bargaining employees within each PC and Headquarters/related unit.  The entire audience of the approximately 800,000 employee population will be sampled during each year.  The USPS will provide the name, mailing address, indication of bargaining/non-bargaining employee status, area, performance cluster, work location, and email addresses (as appropriate) for each career employee. 
B. Conduct the data collection process through both  mail-out and web-based processes. 
The current mail-out process includes:  producing sufficient quantities for all survey recipients; providing outgoing and return white envelopes and preparing the mail-out of the survey, including collating and stuffing surveys, cover letters, instructions and return envelopes.   Employee address information needs to be printed so that the recipient can peel or tear off this information to preserve anonymity.  Only work location code, bargaining/non-bargaining indication and field/HQ designation will remain on the survey itself.  NOTE – current process specifics are being provided to provide overall scope.  Proposals should include current industry best-practice processes.
The web-based process (not yet designed) will require specific attention to security and preservation of anonymity.  NOTE – as indicated above, proposals should include current industry best-practices processes. 
C.  Distribute (mail and/or email) surveys within a specified (narrow) time period. Special packaging and sorting will be necessary for different locations, based on the size of the office.
D.  Receive all returned hardcopy surveys via first class mail at the contractor site. Scan or image all returned answer sheets. 
Receive and maintain all web-based survey data.
Produce and deliver tracking reports, including data verification, so that the incoming information can be continually monitored.
E. Results will be calculated and made available at the various levels (for example national, area, performance cluster, Processing & Distribution Centers, and Bulk Mail Centers).  Results calculated will need to be given to the USPS electronically in various types of spreadsheets and databases.  Analyses and results must be able to be broken down in various ways.
F. The supplier must produce hard copy data reports of results at the various levels.
G. The USPS is seeking demonstrated experience in analysis, including sophisticated interpretation and presentation of findings. 
H.  The USPS is seeking industry best-practice follow-up (action planning and measurement) tools and processes.
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