Postal Clerk Says Employees Personal Information Thrown In Dumpster

Donald Henry, a Virginia postal clerk, says he’s coming forward-at the risk of losing his job-because he believes sensitive employee information was compromised and the post office has covered it up. Henry says it was no accident that tens of thousands of pages of sensitive employee information was tossed into a public dumpster behind the courthouse post office in Arlington. He insists he alerted his bosses when he noticed roughly 20 cases headed for the trash.  Sources say a supervisor ordered the documents thrown out. Among them: highly personal medical information, accident reports, performance reviews and countless grievances–including secual harassment claims lodged by postal employees against the Postal Service. The Office of Inspector General said Postal Employees were not informed because this was “an isolated incident” and that “all the documents were retrieved safely secured and disposed of properly.”

see video from WJLA-TV