Postal Employees Wear Colorful Uniforms on Supervisor’s Last Day

For decades, Customer Service Supervisor “Donna Lewis has stood out in a sea of blue uniformity — she adorned herself almost daily with bright colors such as lime green and sunshine yellow, complete with a sparkly pin or an appliqué sweater.  So what did she wear on her last day on Friday at Midland, Michigan Post Office – A navy blue shirt and pants. Lewis is retiring after 29 years with USPS.

“She’s been hassled about how she dresses for as long as I’ve known her and she doesn’t care, she’s just Donna,” said Dan Gotham, who’s worked with Donna Lewis for the past 11 years. Gotham wore a pair of floral pattern women’s pants rolled to a capri style in honor of Donna’s last day at the post office Friday.



Donna Lewis poses with fellow post office employees who dressed in vibrant colors for her last day.

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