OIG Report: The Postal Service’s Strategic Workforce Plan

USPS Office of Inspector General Audit Report

 as of June 2007, bargaining employees represented 89 percent of all Postal Service employees. Nonbargaining employees represented the remaining 11 percent. Table 1 also shows that 22 percent of bargaining employees were Function 1 employees (Mail Distribution), 34 percent were Function 2B employees (Delivery Services), and 16 percent were Function 4 employees (Customer Services) and Other Functions were 28 per cent. Without good workforce planning, the Postal Service may not be able to perform its mission economically, efficiently, and effectively. According to one vice president, the Postal Service is also developing Talent View, a workforce planning tool for bargaining and nonbargaining positions. This tool will be instrumental in helping management analyze the workforce and make decisions about the current workforce and what will be needed over the next 5 to 7 years.

USPS OIG Report: The Postal Service’s Comprehensive Strategic Workforce Plan (PDF)