USPS Threatening To Discipline Postal Employees Over Failure to Pay Local Tax ??

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Local taxes: The USPS is threatening to discipline employees that don’t follow local tax codes.  States affected include Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

If you are subject to any of these local taxes, you must be proactive and complete and submit the proper taxation paperwork.  Frequent contact between the Postal Service, Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service, and these taxing authorities indi­cates that many employees are not having the appropriate amounts withheld from their pay.  You are reminded that, as a Postal Service employee, you are personally responsible for ensuring that the correct local taxes are deducted from your pay.All Postal Service employees are reminded that they are bound by the materials contained within the Code of Ethics, Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees.  This includes Principle 12, which states: “An employee shall satisfy in good faith their obliga­tions as citizens, including all just financial obligations, especially those — such as federal, state, or local taxes — that are imposed by law.”source:Postal Bulletin 10/11/07 Issue

Archive: Deadline Up for Postal Workers to Pay Off City Payroll Tax -[note: link is not active] (Paducah, Kentucky) 200 Postal Workers face prosecution over non-payment- Tuesday was the last day that Paducah postal workers could pay off payroll taxes they owed dating back to 2000 . Because Paducah has less than 500 Federal employees– Federal agencies are exempted by law from withholding Paducah payroll taxes. According to one clerk,” the local newspaper and TV reports made us all look like a bunch of “crooks & cheat’s”! They are expecting us (Postal employee’s) pay upon short notice.” The local APWU has hired an attorney and may work out some agreement with the city. (6/4/05)|