USPS Must Do More For Veterans

Although the Postal Service employs large numbers of veterans, not enough is being done to help qualified veterans secure jobs with the agency, APWU Executive Vice President Cliff Guffey told a House panel during testimony on Sept. 6.

 “The Postal Service has systematically eliminated or contracted out the six job classifications that, under the Veterans’ Preference Act are restricted to applying veterans.” These policies, he said, are especially damaging to veterans’ chances of finding employment with the USPS. Veterans are losing their postal employment rights because the Postal Service is not preserving these restricted jobs for them in accordance with federal policy. The Postal Service should be required to bargain with the APWU before it can contract out any restricted job.” Full article

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2 thoughts on “USPS Must Do More For Veterans

  1. The Postal Service and the Postal Unions could care less about veterans. They continue and will continue to to treat veterans as a number in the imaginary world of DOIS. Once hired you are treated like any other employee (CRAP) Keep the dues coming, we the Unions are getting richer..

  2. USPS Mississippi District
    Recently several employees were hired as TE carriers in this District. It is believed many minorities and veterans were bypassed on the hiring register for these positions. All known recent TE hires went to USPS supervisor’s children instead.
    Management should correct this injustice. Interested parties should contact their congressional leaders.

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