APWU: USPS Determined to Move 40 Per Cent of Window Services

The Postal Service seems hell-bent on moving 40 percent of window services to alternative services, such as Automated Postal Centers. Part of this plan seems to involve computerized Function 4 audits. The so-called Customer Service Variance (CSV) program is gutting post office staffing in various regions.

The CSV program collects data through various Web-based means and filters the results into equations used to establish “retail marketing” benchmarks. By measuring workload, complement, and time elements, CSV allegedly determines “ideal” staffing levels.

The problem? CSV crunches numbers that crunch employees and service! But there are ways to fight back:

Educate members to make all their clock rings and moves. Sales & Service Associates should record all transactions, standbys, and sign outs. CSV uses recorded work activity to determine staffing needs. Failing to make clock rings can kill your job!
Ensure that Function 4 administrative reviews do not just rubber-stamp CSV results.

Validate earned workload data. The authorized complement in the COINS program must be validated to square with the actual complement at your office.Work schedules on Form 1994s must be compared to real schedules, along with the Unit Operating Plan. (Do you know your unit plan?)

Initiate individual grievances under Articles 3, 5, 7, 12, and the appropriate craft article if there are any discrepancies in the Function 4 review.

source: APWU

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