USPS Board Chairman Gets Blue-Collar Name Tag

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Postal Service’s Miller gets blue-collar name tag
By Bill McAllister  Washington Correspondent

At the Aug. 8 meeting of the United States Postal Service board of governors, chairman James C. Miller III was back at the podium wearing a blue uniform shirt similar to those worn by Postal Service workers.

But something was different this time. He was sporting an employee name tag, which he had not been able to get from Postmaster General John E. “Jack” Potter previously.

 “A New York team came through,” Miller explained, as he showed off his name tag inscribed “Jim.”

The first time Miller, a Washington-based economist, showed up at a Postal Service board meeting with the blue work shirt, Potter joked  that Miller would need to join a postal union before he could get a name tag to go with it.

source: Linn’s Stamp News via PostalReporter reader 

 Because of his repeated calls for privatizing the U.S. Postal Service, James Miller III, the chairman of the Postal Service board of governors, has not been regarded as a friend of the nation’s large postal unions.

    Perhaps in an attempt to show his appreciation for postal workers, Miller showed up at the board’s May 2 meeting sporting a light blue Postal Service postal worker shirt.

    He said it was a great shirt, and he was honored to be working for the same organization, but he needed a name tag.

    He asked Postmaster General John E. “Jack” Potter if he could use his influence to get him a name tag.

    Without pausing, Potter shot back, “When you join the union, we’ll give you a badge.” With that Miller announced that he would be known as “Clerk Miller.”


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  1. Duck Soup on Thu, 16th Aug 2007 9:50 am
  2. Apparently, Mr. Miller is impersonating a Postal Service craft employee and, as the pretended character “Clerk Miller”, has obtained a thing of value (i.e., a name tag). If so, both actions clearly violate 18 US Code 912.

    The Board members, except for Mssrs. Potter and Donahoe, are not postal employees. Mr. Miller, in fact, was appointed to the Board by “Li’l Bush.” Incidentally, “Li’l Bush” is also a pretend character, playing as President of the USA – a job his father once actually held (but I digress).

    To return to Mr. Miller, however, I find his greater sin to be that of hypocrisy. He has acquired a BLUE COLLAR name tag while collecting $300 per day for not more than 42 days of meetings each year and travel expenses, in addition to an annual salary of $30,000.

    Based on the above, Mr. Miller receives at least $1,014 per each day he “works” (and more if the Board meets less than 42 days a year). To put it all in perspective, assuming 42 days of work per year, Mr. Miller’s salary is equivalent to a yearly salary of $263,714 per annum.

    We are indeed fortunate that “Clerk Miller,” who makes $126.78 per hour as a Board member, is only a “PTF” and does not work many hours. However, rumor has it that “Clerk Miller,” emboldened by his illegal acquisition of a postal employee name tag (which the PMG had expressly refused to provide him), has filed a grievance seeking to be scheduled for more work hours.

  3. Workerant on Thu, 16th Aug 2007 1:33 pm
  4. Hopefully Miller will now see the need for many more contractors!

  5. gruntled on Fri, 17th Aug 2007 6:03 am
  6. Miller wishes to be known as “Clerk Miller”.

    How appropriate, since he doesn’t do any meaningful work.

    He’s better known in postal circles as “James the Ripper”, “Miller the Priviteer”, or, in the eyes of almost 700,000 Postal Employees, “douche bag”.