USPS: Boston District’s New Mystery Shopper Board Game

USPS’ Boston District Uses Monopoly-Based Game to boost Mystery Shopper scores


Broadway, little green plastic houses and the Southern Railroad will never be the same to Boston District employees. That’s because the district’s retail team has developed a creative twist to boost its Mystery Shopper scores.

The district recently launched a contest based on Monopoly, the popular board game whose 480 million players have been aggregating real estate and making — or losing — money since 1935.

Retail associates who participate in the contest collect game points based on their mystery shop score. “This will help employees understand that excellent customer service is the object of the game,” District Manager Charles Lynch said. “The only way to win is to pass Go, which happens when the clerk earns 100 percent on a mystery shop.”

When the contest ends on Sept. 30, the retail area with the most points wins a trophy, a gift certificate and complimentary coffee and doughnuts — not as big a deal as buying Park Place, but worth the effort.