USPS to Sell Prepaid Cards at Post Offices

According to a notice via FedBizOPPS:

The USPS desires to sell General Purpose Stored Value Card at approximately 15,000 POS ONE locations nationwide. The sales of General Purpose Stored Value Cards at USPS retail sites will be operated as an alliance between the USPS and a commercial partner.

The USPS General Purpose Stored Value Card program will be comprised of two types of cards:

1.)Instant Issue Card- The instant issue General Purpose Stored Value Card will be sold for any dollar amount up the limit established by the USPS and its partner not to exceed $500.     The funds loaded on the cards will be immediately available to the purchaser.     The instant issue card will not be reloadable.

2.)Registered Card – After the initial purchase of an instant issue General Purpose Stored Value Card, customers will have the option of obtaining a personalized, e.g. registered, card by calling the partner’s toll-free number and providing their name, date of birth, social security number, street address and telephone number and government issued ID number (driver’s license, passport etc.).     When this option is selected, an embossed card will be sent to the customer by First-Class mail at the expense of the partner.     Upon phone activation of the embossed card, the original card will be de-activated and the partner will transfer the remaining funds on the de-activated card to the new card.     The registered card will be reloadable up to the maximum value established by the USPS and its partner not to exceed $5,000 at any time and the aggregate reloads will not exceed $20,000 during a calendar year.     Customers who obtain registered cards will receive monthly account statements by First Class Mail at the expense of the partner

USPS’ Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance Office has set the following limits on the registered General Purpose Stored Value Card:

a.)Registration information will include: Names, Address SSN, DOB, and Government issued photo ID (type and number)
b.)$5,000 Maximum value at any time
c.)$2,500 Maximum value load
d.)$20,000 Maximum reloading in one year period
e.)Reload $500 or more must present same ID as at registration
f.)$500 Maximum daily ATM withdrawal
g.)Card expired in one year
h.)For identify verification – the name on the bank account must be the same as appears on the card for the bank-to-bank load
i.)Partner must provide a guarantee of security (indemnity in the event of breach) to protect customer information
j.)If the law should change and require additional controls, the partner must comply.

source: Federal Business Opportunities